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Coven Logo

Big squishy hugs to you all!

Welcome to our little home on the web!

We are Silver's Dolphins of the Artic Moontide of Pearl Underbelly Fluff & Lightbringers Coven.

We are so named to honor the great and all knowing Authoress who's works are our gospels.......
Silver RavenWolf :)

After all, if Silver didn't say it, it's not true!  We know, cause we read it in one of her books.
(actually, we only read one of her books, Teen Witch.  It's the TRUE witches bible.  Forget what you hear about those other people (like the Farrars, Margot Adler, Raymond Buckland, Aleister Crowley, etc....), they aren't true pagans anyhow :P.  If they were, Silver wouldn't sell more books than they do!  We don't need anyone but her.  We are real witches cause we read her stuff.  She told us so!).

Anywho... on to the introductions!

Our little Coven family :)
HPS SunFluff Pans_child
HPS MageFluff Threthiel
HP TreeFluff Utopiaman1
SageFluff Khepera
MaidenFluff Mtnlilacs
MoonFluff MorganeLeFey
DragonFluff Ladiofthedragons
FlirtyFluff WiccansBizkit1
SnowFluff WinterWitch
HuggleFluff AngelinaLynnMarieRose
SnuggleFluff LucasRose
HornyFluff Nemesis1984
CluelessFluff Morri
MimiFluff WytchGoddessMeems
SportyFluff Sportyfine18
PrincessFluff PrincessBratenella
PhoenixFluff Witch_Phoenix
VenusFluff VenusFlytrap13
CursedFluff Celtic_Wolf_Beauty
BitchyFluff Storm760
WyrdoFluff Wyrd_Icon
FoosFluff FacetiousGoddess
MistressFluff Camerilla_Noir
EmpressFluff Empress_StarBrite
BigMamaFluff MsDelmar
CeltlecticFluff Conchobor1
FaeryFluff Willow_Phoenix_Firestar
VampVictimFluff _MoonChild_
SpikeyFluff Anika_GoddessOfDeath
ElfFluff LittleWing

As you can see, we are one big fluffy family of love!  If you'd like to join us in casting a rose tinted and fluffy view on the world, contact HPS MageFluff for details!

We meet every night for rituals (except when Buffy or Charmed is on).  NO BLACK CLOTHING ALLOWED!  Coveners must be decked in white robes only!  We don't do that icky black magic stuff...
After rituals, we cool down with big biodegradable cups filled with Kool-Aid and munch on Little Debbie Snacks (that's our cakes and ale time, for you unenlightened peoples). You must also wear no less than 7 pentacles at any given time.  I read that that number is special, so you gotta do it (I don't remember where I read it, but it had to be one of the Goddess RavenWolf's books, so it's a fact)

HARM NONE is HOLY LAW!  Break that rule and you are a bad bad satanist type person and we don't like you no more, and we will run around and tell everyone what an evil person you are, so there!

We should have some spells posted soon (like how to change your hair and eye color, like in that movie, The Craft.  That's based on a true story, doncha know.... and, and, uh, how to change into a cat like in that Harry Potter movie.... and, and, oh, all that stuff Willow does on Buffy! (or at least the stuff she used to do, cause now she's one of those icky bad satanist type persons, so we don't like her no more either.  Her spells are really groovy tho!).  

May your days be SUNSHINEY & filled with FLUFFY LOVE!

BLESSED BEE (or something like that)!

Disclaimer:  This site is intended as a joke.  It was inspired by the minds of severely deranged people who were up WAY too late one night and were being completely silly.  This Coven does not exist and the members listed are just part of the goofball fun.  DO NOT TAKE THIS LITERALLY IN ANY SENSE!  This site is a sarcastic parody.  It is not endorsed by any of the authors listed above and should be taken in the twisted spirit in which it was created.  The views listed on this site are not the views of the "members" listed.  It's all part of the dementia that forged this page in the first place.  If you find you do in reality wish to join this coven, please seek professional help.  You are more deranged than we......

Brought to you by Mystical MageWorks.  Copyright 2001, A.J. Parker